Keeping Geese can be a real pleasure and if you choose the right breed and numbers for your set-up then you’ll have an eco-friendly lawn mower and some delicious free range eggs to eat. The domestic Geese that we sell in Essex and Suffolk don’t require a pond, in fact, they spend most of their time on land, eating grass so a plastic water tub that can be tipped out and re-filled with fresh water will work well for them.

As well as keeping the grass short, the free range Geese we sell make fantastic burglar alarms. They have excellent eyesight for things out of the ordinary. Geese are fairly self-sufficient, needing only wheat, fresh water, grit and as much grass as you can give them. If there is a good supply of grass available for your geese then they won’t need much additional feeding but if grass is short and perhaps in the winter months, you will need to supplement it with other greens like lettuce or cabbage.

Although these birds have a reputation for being aggressive this is not the case with the Geese that we sell. Our birds have the opportunity to spend plenty of time with us before you buy them and when handled regularly they become very tame. The baby goslings that we sell are also very friendly and love to have a chat with you.

If you would like to buy free range Geese in Essex or Suffolk then please call us, we are only too happy to give you further information and advice about the Geese for sale at Willow Farm. You can buy Geese or Goslings from our base in Felsted in Essex.

We cover all of the Essex County including Braintree, Chelmsford, Colchester, Dunmow, Felsted, Thaxted, Brentwood, Billericay, Witham, Maldon, Saffron Walden, Halstead, Wickford, Cheshunt, Sawbridgeworth, Southend, Rayleigh, Shenfield, Colchester, Bishops Stortford, Harlow, Clacton on Sea and anywhere else in Essex besides.

We also deliver and supply free range chickens, ducks and geese within the county of Suffolk which includes Sudbury, Haverhill, Bury St Edmunds, Newmarket, Lakenheath, Lavenham, Ipswich, Needham Market, Manningtree and Felixstowe.

chinese geese
Originating from China, our Chinese Geese for sale, come in grey, blue and lavender. They are very friendly and easily tamed. They can be very noisy, generally when there are people about. Excellent security guards, they don't like imposters in their pen and will make a lot of noise whenever they see people about. They can be very cheeky and are happy to come and shout at you and get involved in whatever you're doing. They do need water to play in, as they absolutely love it!

Chinese geese are available to buy throughout Essex and Suffolk.
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Steinbacher Geese
Originally from Germany, Steinbacher Geese come in blue, grey, lavender, blue pied, grey pied and lavender pied, we only have grey pied and grey Geese for sale. Friendly and nosey, these free range geese for sale, become tame when hand reared and regularly handled. Easy to fall in love with, purely as they are beautiful big birds, they are quite nosy and love to chat amongst each other, and to the geese next door. Steinbacher Geese can be penned with other birds, however, they are generally better in a pen on their own as they can become quite pushy with the smaller birds. Very happy to come and have a nosey at you when you're doing things in their pen. You will generally find these guys playing about in the water on a hot summers day.

Steinbacher geese are available to buy throughout Essex and Suffolk.
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american buff
Originally from USA, our American Buff Geese for sale are buff all over. They aren't massively tame geese, they keep themselves to themselves a lot more than some of the other breeds of Goose. They can be pushy with the smaller birds, sometimes, but they can be penned together. They aren't nasty tempered, or bad mannered, just a little more toward the wild side than their Chinese and Steinbacher friends, but just as beautiful. They absolutely love the water, you will find them having a splash a lot when it's hot.

American Buff geese are available to buy throughout Essex and Suffolk.
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african geese
Originally from China, the African Goose comes in grey, buff and the very rare blue, we only have Buff African Geese for sale at our farm in Essex. They are very large geese, but they remind us of the gentle giant. Exceptionally sweet tempered, kind natured birds, they are more likely to move away from you than towards you. They can be quite timid and are fine to go into a pen with smaller birds. They are generally quieter and less pushy than some of the other big goose breeds and are happiest sitting in the sunshine.

African geese are available to buy throughout Essex and Suffolk.
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Sebastopol Geese
Sebastopol Geese are originally from Eastern Europe, these free range geese for sale come in mainly white but you can also get them in buff and blue, we have white only. They are a frizzle goose, so their feather type is different to other geese. They can be quite noisy, and the males are protective of their female partners. These beautiful geese, stay a very pure white, so long as they have a pond in which to bathe and clean. Quite happy to be penned in with t5he ducks, you will not find them a particularly pushy breed of Goose. They love to spend some time in the sun trying to catch a tan - sadly without much success!!!

Sebastopol geese are available to buy throughout Essex and Suffolk.
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swan goose
Originally from Mongolia, these domestic geese we sell, come in grey and blue, we have grey Swan Geese for sale here. They are not huge birds but are better in a pen separate from other geese, they are okay to go in with ducks though. Swan Geese like to stay very clean, so a pond is essential as you will find them spending an enormous amount of time in the water cleaning themselves and cooling down on hot days. An interesting looking goose, they have a long beak that follows the face down, a small body and a long neck.

Swan geese are available to buy throughout Essex and Suffolk.
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The domestic Goslings for sale at Willow Farm in Essex are all very friendly and just want to be around you. They are known to imprint and love a human friend. They are better with a goose friend or two as they can get lonely otherwise. They like to follow you around for a chat and a nibble (your hair is a favourite!) Our Goslings are fluffy, cuddly and cute all at the same time - irresistible!!!

Goslings are available to buy throughout Essex and Suffolk.
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"The Sebastopol geese we purchased from Willows are great, they have such a lovely temperament and our children love them. Thanks again."