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Water fowl and poultry for sale in Essex

Birds of a feather, really do flock together at Willows Waterfowl and Poultry in Essex! We breed a selection of free range Ducks, Geese and Domestic Chickens for sale, and if your looking to buy free range Chickens, Domestic Ducks or Geese, we have a wide variety of all three, as well as Chicks, Ducklings, Goslings, hatching eggs and a range of ornamental, hybrid and Bantam Chickens for sale.

Buy free range Ducks in Essex

Keeping free range Ducks in Essex gardens is growing in popularity. With no pond necessary, you can keep domestic Ducks happy with a tub that is emptied and refilled daily with fresh water. Ducks like to be put to bed at night but you will find that many will develop a routine and put themselves into their house when it becomes dark, if that’s what they’ve been taught to do. If they don’t want to go to bed, they are very easily herded and can be ‘steered’ by holding out your arms and walking behind them.

Pre second World War, ducks were on their way to becoming the biggest egg producers. But due to recent advances with hybrid hens tolerating intensive battery farming systems, the duck has taken a bit of a back seat. However many ducks lay a good amount of eggs that are generally larger than a chicken’s egg. During the 1920’s a trial on Khaki Campbell ducks, amongst others, established that they were able to lay a whopping 250 eggs per year without any special conditions!

Ducks and waterfowl on the whole, are easy to keep and the free range and domestic ducks we sell in Essex, are hardy and suffer fewer diseases than some other birds. Domestic ducks are happy both on land and in water, excellent foragers, they have a slug and snail radar that’s permanently on the look out for a tasty snack. We sell Runner Ducks, Call Ducks, Buff Orpington Ducks and Harlequin Ducks to name but a few…

Buy Ducks and Ducklings in Essex

Ducks available for sale in Essex

Buy Free range and domestic chickens in Essex

Keeping chickens is one of the easiest ways to live more sustainably, they help eliminate scraps, produce an all natural fertiliser, assist with composting, and not to mention- all those eggs! Did you know that free range chicken eggs are not only tastier, but they are actually better for you when compared to the eggs you buy from the supermarket. When you buy free range domestic chickens, deciding on which breed of poultry to buy can be a lot of fun as some first time chicken owners aren’t even aware that there are so many different types to choose from.

Here at Willows Waterfowl and Poultry, we sell free range domestic chickens of various breeds, for example:

  • For sale Brahma Chickens – Originally from America, they lay white and brown eggs
  • For sale Orpington Chickens – Originally from Kent, they lay white or buff eggs
  • For sale Silkie Chickens – Originally from China, they lay buff eggs
  • For sale Hamburg Chickens – Originally from Holland, they lay white eggs
  • For sale Hybrid Layer Chickens – These chickens are from Rhode Island and France, laying a variation of light brown, cream and dark brown eggs.

Buy Domestic Free Range Chickens in Essex

Domestic free range Chickens available for sale in Essex

We also sell Free Range Bantam Chickens

The breeds of domestic Bantam Chickens that we sell at Willow Farm in Essex are Pekin Bantam Chickens and Silkie Pekin Bantam Chickens. These friendly and inquisitive little birds make wonderful pets for children and lay a good amount of eggs too. Being smaller than the free range domestic chickens that we have for sale, means that you can keep more birds in a smaller area. Once you have mastered the basics of caring for your flock, you will find that these lovely little birds are easy to look after.

Buy Free Range Bantam Chickens in Essex

Bantam Chickens available for sale in Essex

Domestic Free Range Geese for sale in Essex

Now onto the big boys of the poultry and wildfowl world… our wonderful selection of Domestic Geese for Sale at Willow Farm in Essex. Geese are much larger than Chickens and Ducks and can be intimidating to beginners. However, geese can be quite friendly and If you choose the right breed and the correct amount of Geese for your set up, then you will find that keeping geese can be an absolute joy. Much the same as Ducks, when you buy domestic Geese, they will not require a pond, as they prefer to be on land, eating grass, and doing your weeding for you, so a tub of fresh clean water will suffice just so long as its refreshed daily. With grass being their main source of food, they will require plenty, so mowing your lawns will become a thing of the past, but without enough to grass to eat, you will need to supplement their diet with other greens like lettuce and cabbage. When you buy free range geese, as with chickens, deciding on which breed to buy should be considered carefully as there are many to choose from.

Why do you want to buy domestic Geese?

  • For the eggs? – You might want to consider buying the Chinese Goose, an excellent egg layer, a goose egg is twice the size of a chicken egg!
  • For the table? – You might think about buying the African or American Buff Geese, both grow to a good size quite quickly.
  • To act as a watchdog? – The American Buff, Chinese or African are all very loyal Geese with a keen eye and they are clever enough to quickly work out who belongs on their patch and who doesn’t!
  • To add a bit more fun to your flock – Its great to mix things up a bit, so why not buy Geese to go with your Chickens and Ducks – we can advise you on which birds will live happily together.

We have six different breeds of beautiful Free Range Geese for Sale at Willow Farm in Essex, as well as goslings. All our Birds are hand reared and have plenty of opportunity to spend time with us, so that when we sell Geese to our customers they will be confident to know that the birds they buy from us will be calm and friendly around people.

Buy Free Range Geese and Goslings in Essex

Bantam Chickens available for sale in Essex

Buy Hatching Eggs in Essex

Imagine the excitement of seeing your chicks emerging from their eggs!… As well as selling domestic and free range chickens, ducks and Geese, you can also buy fertilised, hatching eggs from Willow Farm in Essex. It is always worth buying hatching eggs from a reputable, local breeder if you can… the rougher the ride, the less likely your eggs will be to hatch! The hatching eggs that we sell vary in price depending on the breed of bird. Please call us for further information and advice.

Hen houses, chicken coops and waterfowl, duck and goose houses in Essex
If your considering buying free range chickens or domestic ducks and geese, you will need them to be safe at night. If you shut them up at the same time each evening you will find that after while, the message will sink in and the majority of birds will put themselves to bed. Willow farm in Essex can provide you with all the necessary housing, made to your specific requirements if necessary, to ensure your flock are protected from predators.

  • Chicken coops and hen houses for sale
  • Buy Chicken runs
  • Duck and waterfowl houses made to order
  • Goose houses

If you would like to buy free range Geese, Ducks or Domestic Chickens in Essex then please call us, we are only to happy to give you all the further information and advice you need about the Geese and free range Chickens for sale at Willow Farm. You can buy Ducks or Ducklings, point of lay chickens, hatching eggs and hen houses and coops from our base in Felsted in Essex. We cover Braintree, Chelmsford, Colchester, Dunmow, Felsted, Thaxted, Brentwood, Billericay, Witham, Maldon, Harlow, Saffron Walden, Halstead, Wickford, Cheshunt, Sawbridgeworth and Bishops Stortford.