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We are breeders and suppliers of free range Call Ducks and all types of domestic ducks for sale in Essex. Buy Call Ducks starting from £25 each.

Why buy Call Ducks?

Over the coming months the team at Willow Farm will be looking at the various breeds of waterfowl and poultry that we sell in Essex. To kicks things off, today we are going to look at the virtues of the Call Duck. There are many reasons why these pretty little ducks are so popular. For a start, they truly are the cutest ducks around and are perfect for a small yard or garden. They are bantam sized, weighing between 1 and 2 pounds and have small little bodies, short beaks and a loud call. As well as being super cute, the Call Ducks we sell from our farm in Essex are also lively and full of character. Talkative and easy to tame they make great pets.

The origins of the Call Duck

Originally from the Netherlands, Call Ducks were bred from the mallard. Many years ago they were known as Decoy ducks and were fed or tethered at the entrance to long traps. Their loud calling would entice wild ducks into the traps which would then be caught for commercial use. Call Ducks have been known in Britain since the 1850’s.

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How to care for your Call Ducklings

The Ducklings of Call Ducks are very small, so they will need to be well protected from the elements and kept away from draughts. They are tough for their size, but the cold can have a quick effect on them. Be careful with water drinkers – make sure that the ducklings cannot get into the water and that they are kept on water absorbent bedding. Ducklings like water and can get quite sneaky – purposely stealing water out of the drinker and creating their very own private puddles or mini ponds. This may be funny to watch, but ultimately quite dangerous for them as you will end up with cold, wet ducklings very fast.

How many eggs will your Call Duck lay?

If you buying Call Ducks for their eggs, you will generally be rewarded with around 60-100 pale green eggs a year. They tend to start lay around February time and will end around late summer. They do sometimes go broody, so if you don’t want ducklings it is best to take the eggs away every day, especially if you have males.

What sort of facilities will your Call Ducks require?

Fully grown Call Ducks are very hardy, however, if you already keep larger fowl you may have to make some adjustments around the place to allow for their diminutive stature. For example, make sure ponds or pools have low enough ramps so the small Call Ducks can get out easily without straining and possibly hurting themselves.

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We should point out that these ducks are louder than most other ducks. They were bred for calling over long distances, so it might be an idea to think about where they will live in relation to the house and of course your neighbours houses!

All in all, the Call Ducks that we sell in Essex are lots of fun and you will find them to be a very fulfilling breed of duck to raise. They are also very collectible – with so many unusual and wonderful colour variations!

Free range Call Ducks for sale in Essex

The free range Call Ducks we sell at Willow Farm start at £25 each so If your looking to buy domestic Call Ducks or other breeds of Domestic ducks in Essex or Suffolk then please call us, we are happy to give you further information and advice about the free range ducks for sale at Willow Farm. We also sell point of lay Chickens, and a wide range of Large fowl Chickens, including Brahmas, Silkies and Hybrid Layers, you can also buy free range hatching eggs from our base in Felsted in Essex. We cover Braintree, Chelmsford, Colchester, Dunmow, Felsted, Thaxted, Brentwood, Billericay, Witham, Maldon, Harlow, Saffron Walden, Halstead, Wickford, Cheshunt, Sawbridgeworth and Bishops Stortford.

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